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I live
Posted by Amber in General on March 16th, 2015

I’m aware it has, yet again, been ages since I’ve posted anything. What can I say? I’m not online much anymore, except for work. I do everything on my phone that I need to check online. I just pulled my laptop out from its little storage area, there was dust all over it. I probably haven’t touched it since the new year. I haven’t watched any new anime in at least a year. I haven’t kept up with any of my manga. There’s no icon for this post right now because I can’t remember my info for my photobucket (I’ll add one later once I figure it out). I have difficulty seeing how adults have time to keep up with all of this. Works keeps me pretty busy. When I’m not at work I’m hanging out with my dog or doing yard work for my grandparents. . I’m starting to look for houses to buy. It’s MARCH MADNESS AGAIN!!!! I don’t care what people say, Arizona is going all the way. And I realize this is a very jumbled post but at least it’s something. For now I need to go to bed, dentist appointment early in the morning.

Can I not win?
Posted by Amber in General on October 24th, 2014

It has been ages since my last post, but I’ve been busy. Mostly with studying for the RS exam. Today is actually the first day I’ve been on the personal laptop in a month and a half. Stuff was going pretty well. This past week for work was just studying for the exam with my people. It was tons of fun just hanging out and studying. Took the exam yesterday and I’m almost completely confident I passed. Since I did 4 10′s so I wouldn’t have to work after the exam I had today off. I had a full day, nay, a full weekend planned. Today was going to be Pegasus day since I haven’t been able to give him much attention the past couple weeks, followed by shopping for a delicious dinner, buying some new hiking boots so I could go hiking Sunday with my pup, buying and carving a pumpkin. Well, all that went out the window this morning. On the way to the dog park I got rear ended. My family always thought I was silly for buying Pegasus a harness and seatbelt for the car, but today he would have flown into the front seat if he hadn’t been buckled in. People kept asking me if I was okay, I wasn’t really even thinking about myself. The entire time I was at the window comforting Pegasus and making sure he was okay until my brother came and picked him up for me. Then I turned to my poor car. I haven’t even had it for 3 months, brand new when I bought it, and now the driver’s side back is ruined, paint all ruined and bent in, one of my tires blown out. The woman who hit me took full fault for it, but for now I’m without my car while it’s being repaired at the dealership. Who knows how long I’ll be without it. My insurance pays for a rental, but I’m not happy about it. I drive a nice little Focus, and they gave me a Chevrolet Malibu for my rental. When I got home with it my grandpa was saying how they gave me a really nice car. Yes, it is a very nice car, but it is HUGE. I can’t drive a big car. And it doesn’t have my little mirrors on the side view mirrors, and those things are my savior, I love them. And since I drive for work, I’ll be stuck driving this monstrosity for awhile. I’m hoping to get my car back within a week, week and a half tops, although the shop is closed over the weekend, so they won’t even get me a quote for the damage until Monday or Tuesday. I can’t take pets in it, so no hiking Sunday, although I don’t want to drive the thing unless I have to, so it’ll probable sit in the driveway until I have to go to work. Let’s just say the rest of the day sucked after that…

I have free time a lot more now, so I should be posting more often. I don’t think I’ve posted much about my job, maybe a bit later in the week.

My life begins now?
Posted by Amber in Anime,General on June 22nd, 2014

I noticed that it has been MONTHS since my last post. Well, that would be because nothing good has happened. My life has pretty much sucked. But I think things are changing now.

First off, after over a year of searching I finally got a real job. A job in the field of study that I busted my ass off in college for. No longer will I have to deal with fucking assholes at Wal-Mart, I get to do what I love and for a lot more money (although I almost don’t care about more money, just having a job I don’t hate with a fiery passion is awesome). This opens up a lot more me. With more money coming in, I’ll be able to move into my own place within a few months. My cats won’t be trapped in a tiny little room, and Pegasus won’t have to choose between being in my room with me or being able to move around.

Orphan Black season 2 ended last night. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about my obsession with this show, but it is FUCKING AMAZING. If you’ve never seen it, you need to watch it. I just watched the first episode because it was on after Doctor Who and I didn’t have anything else to watch. I’m so happy I bothered to watch that first episode. This show…I can’t even explain just how amazing it is. I can, however, explain how amazing Tatiana Maslany is. I guess I really shouldn’t get too into detail because it could be spoilers potentially, but I will say that you forget that you’re watching the same person playing so many different people. Her mannerisms, her personality, all the little quirks of each individual, she makes it seem like they’re all different people. ( S@ FINALE SPOILER kinda: SESTRA DANCE PARTY!!) I don’t know how I’m going to wait until next season, whenever that is.

Umm…I can’t think of much else to say, even though there should be so much considering how long it’s been since an update. I haven’t really been watching any anime. I watched a couple series from winter, nothing from spring. Not sure if I’ll be watching anything for summer. I’m definitely going to give Sailor Moon Crystal a chance, but who knows if I’ll be keeping up with it.

Korra starts in a few days, so I’m super excited about that. And Doctor Who starts in August. The “previews” don’t really give much, they’re pretty pointless. I guess with a new Doctor they don’t want to give too much, or really anything, away.

Madness? THIS.IS.MARCH!!!!
Posted by Amber in General on March 18th, 2014

March Madness. My Cats are a 1 seed. We’ve had a hell of a year. Some heartbreak. But that national championship is ours. Stick to the strong defense, get some offense going, we’ll be unstoppable. But that post isn’t really about that. I just thought I needed to open with something.

I haven’t posted in forever because…well, nothing has happened in my life. I’m working at a job I hate, but hopefully that won’t be much longer because I have an interview next week. And…my puppy is no longer a puppy, his birthday was last month. Still just as dopey though. Went to the Ren Fest, it was fun. Seriously nothing else to report, just thought I should update because it’s been so long. Hopefully I’m post more frequently and with something better.

Seriously though, I love March Madness.

Christmas Magic
Posted by Amber in General on December 10th, 2013

I have no other explanation for it, it must be Christmas magic. After months of nothing, just sitting around the house doing nothing but getting fat, the magic of the holidays has turned my fortunes around. My beloved Wildcats are number one in the nation right now, and I have no doubt that if this team stops with the sloppy play they’re a Final Four team, a national championship isn’t crazy to think of either. There’s talent, the balance of new guys and veterans, vastly improved old players…I could write an entire post about the basketball team, but I’ll leave it at that. Then, after not getting the job I wanted so badly by one or two people and not getting another because of a hiring freeze, the hiring freeze is over and I have a job. It’s seasonal, and part time, but anything is better than nothing. I need money coming in, I have A LOT of student loans to pay off. Then today I finally got the letter that my application was approved to take the Registered Sanitarian examination. Obviously I’m going to study my ass off for it, like finals studying even though I no longer have finals (I’m not going to lie, I kind of miss them), but I’m hoping this Christmas magic pushes into January and I pass the exam. I do that and I’m almost guaranteed the job I’ve been working towards.

Oh, and I have a monster dog…puppy. He doesn’t look like a puppy. I know, he’s ten months old so he really wouldn’t look like a puppy anymore, but he still has some growing to do and he’s already a bit over 80 pounds. I’m going to assume my guess that he’ll top off around 85 lbs will be right. I wanted a big dog, and I’m going to get one. I just wish he would listen more. Definitely the most hard-headed, strong willed pup I have ever come across.

Then there’s that getting fat thing I mentioned…looks like I’m going to have to initiate self control mode. These next few weeks I’ll be baking all sorts of cookies, but I will have to resist eating them. I usually don’t have a problem not overindulging, but last year I gained 7 lbs over the holidays, and if I do that I’m going to have to up to a bigger pant size, after all that work last year to lose 31 lbs.

Posted by Amber in General on October 1st, 2013

I haven’t posted anything in months because I have nothing to write about. Absolutely nothing. My life is just like it was in July. Except I’m not really talking to my mother because she decided to choose her song of a bitch fucking douchebaggy asshole of a husband over her kids. Other than that, nothing. Been looking for a job, have to start paying my student loans back in like a month but still haven’t found anything. My puppy is a puppy in age alone now. Pegasus is just under eight months old but he’s the biggest dog in the house. I’m not completely sure how much he weighs, but when I took him to get weighed when he was just shy of seven months he was already at 70lbs. I’m working out details for his Halloween costume, and hopefully I can win some prize in the Petsmart contest. I painted my grandparent’s kitchen and am working on the dining room slowly. A lot of the time the only reason I go out of the house is to walk Pegasus, which I’ve now started doing in both the morning and evening so that he isn’t as hyper at night. Red-Blue game is in a couple weeks which is great because it’s depressing to watch the football team with how badly the QB is. Defense has shaped up nicely this year though. Smash, The Office and Malibu Country are off the air, so I’m still seeing which shows I’m going to pick up to watch along with my already established shows, which is just Bones and Parks and Rec. Oh, and Korra. I’m enoying it, I really hope Eska isn’t gone now that they left the South because I’m loving Aubrey Plaza voicing her. Then in November Doctor Who and Sherlock start back up. And in the spring Orphan Black. As of right now I’m certain I’ll be sticking with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that’s really it. I wasn’t too impressed with The Goldbergs, although that one with Rebel Wilson looks like it’ll be funny. I’ve been trying to catch up on anime which I was way behind on. I just need to finish Chiyahafuru from the spring to be done with that season. I started and got caught up on Monogatari pretty fast from summer. I still need to start Silver Spoon. I guess I have lots of time…

The real world sucks
Posted by Amber in General on July 9th, 2013

Well it’s been over two months since I’ve posted anything. Nothing much has happened. Life sucks, that’s all I can say. Graduation was amazing, I’m so glad that I went to the university one, even if I was forced to stand in that hot corridor of the football stadium with thousands of other people crammed in there with me for like 40 minutes because the ceremony started late. The weather that day was perfect, a storm I thought was going to come in ended up changing direction so there was no rain, just a nice breeze. The end was ridiculously amazing, you can find videos on Youtube. The CALS ceremony next day wasn’t too bad. I somehow ended up with two idiots in front of me. Got a nice little plaque and an alumni pin. A few weeks later my diploma came in the mail. It’s currently sitting in a drawer so it doesn’t get ruined, because nice frames are expensive. I want one that says University of Arizona on it, and the cheapest one ends up totaling over $100 with tax and everything, so that has to wait. And it will be waiting for awhile I bet, because…well, because the real world sucks.


Fucking brother pt 2
Posted by Amber in Family,General on April 30th, 2013

So of course my brother and his girlfriend couldn’t take care of the dog, so they took it back to the humane society. I’m pretty sure it was put down since it was already a third chance dog when they got it and then they took it back. Then today I found out that they went and adopted on of Pegasus’ brothers, because he was returned. I’m seriously pissed. I’ve wanted an Australian Shepherd for years, hell, I’ve wanted a dog for years. I never planned on getting a puppy necessarily. Pegasus was too perfect and I’m glad my parents got him for me, but then my brother just assumed he needs one too even though he won’t take care of him. He’s a puppy, and if he’s anything like Pegasus he’s going to be very hyper and need a lot of attention. Honestly, I bust my ass for five years, I’m clearly the more responsible one who will take care of my puppy, but he just gets to go and get one, no consequences. He wanted a car last year, my mom ended up buying it for him. She told me today she did because she expected he would take me to and from school. Ha, that never happened. No, he just took it out to go to parties and get back at like 4AM, and to go to the middle of nowhere and steal stop signs. A car is a fucking inanimate object and he can’t even take care of that. It’s already given out once and my grandma paid for that to be fixed. He never paid her back. He was supposed to pay my mom back to for the car, but that never happened. He was also supposed to pay my mom for his phone when he got in in high school. That never happened. His car stopped running a second time. Again, it wasn’t him that paid for the guy to come and work on it. And at that time the guy said he needed to get it fixed fixed or get a new car within a few months because it was going to give out for good. That was in December, he’s done nothing, and it’s not running great. It’s going to give out and I know my family is going to bail him out again and probably buy him a new car. Hey, I’m looking for a job, but I’ll just keep taking the bus until I can get my own car. He’s supposedly getting an apartment this month, hah, yeah right. He’ll need a cosigner for sure, and I’m sure yet again my parents will do that for him. Then since he’s such a fucking dumbass and just spends his money frivolously they won’t have money for rent, and my family will bail him out again. Just watch, he’s going to get sick of this puppy, and my parents are going to end up taking care of him. Then he’ll get another, and another, and it will just keep going. My family will always bail him out. I’ll always have to work my ass off to get what I want.


Fucking brother
Posted by Amber in Family on April 27th, 2013

First off, I’m pissed at all of my family to some extent for some reason at this time, and I will kind of get into why here.

So I enjoy perusing through shelter sites to see what kind of dogs they have. I know I can’t really afford it right now, but I liked looking for the future. Well, this past week I was looking in the humane society page and there he was. Possibly the most perfect dog for me without being my perfect dog. His name was Pegasus, and he was an Australian Shepherd (my dream dog) and Rottie mix. His face looked mostly Rottie, but he had a blue stripe in the middle of his face, and his body looked like a blue merle Aussie, and he’s fluffy like an Aussie. I sent a picture to my mom and grandma, because I thought he was so cute. Well, turns out my mom found my graduation present. The next day she sends me a picture of her holding him. She adopted him for me, she got me a fucking puppy for my graduation present! I still have a few more weeks until I move back up there so I haven’t seen him yet, but my parents are bringing him down after he gets his shots on Tuesday. He and his siblings got taken quickly, when she went to get him one of his brothers was being looked at, and his only sister got taken that day too within two days of being there. He had barely been neutered and hadn’t got a chance to get his first vaccinations, so they have to carry him everywhere for now. I checked the page again today and his last two brothers were taken. They were all cute, but he was so unique looking.

I asked my mom if it was really okay because I wouldn’t be able to help out too much with him financially until I get a job, which hopefully will be soon. But she said it was her decision to get him for me and she knew I would take care of him, which obviously I will.

Then we get to my brother. My fucking brother. I silently laugh because I know he’ll be stuck as he is for the rest of his life, working in fast food, although not living with my parents now. Why? Because apparently he was jealous that my parents got me a puppy, so he and his girlfriend who he moved in to the house in like August or September went and adopted a dog, a 2 year old coonhound who is super hyper. My parents were really angry and he told them that it would only be for a month, because apparently they’re getting an apartment. Hah, good luck with that. He’s only 20 but his credit sucks ass, because he sucks at managing money. He had his first bank account closed on him because he kept overdrawing. He was always late on credit card payments, and he defaulted on his student loans, which wasn’t even 2k. Not to mention that money he stole from me last year (for which he should be in jail. I think everyone would be happier if he was). I doubt his girlfriend, who he hasn’t been with for even a year, has that great of credit. They both just blow their money left and right. His room looks like a damn game room, with multiple consoles and a ridiculous sound system. But back to the dog. I guess my parents hear nothing but him and his girlfriend telling it to be quiet or trying to calm down, and last night they let it out of the room because it was tearing stuff apart. And today it was overstimulating poor Pegasus and wouldn’t leave him alone. When his girlfriend finally took it back in the room my poor puppy was able to sleep. My mom said that they bought it a kennel, but it’s WAY too small, dog can’t even stand up in it. My brother the cheapskate when it comes to anything that isn’t for him or his girlfriend probably bought the cheapest one he could get. And the thing is that he already had a dog, which pisses me off more. He begged my parents to let him get Zoe when he was in high school and they let him have her. Well, just like my cousin and her dog, he had the honeymoon period when she was a puppy puppy, and then she grew up and he ignored her. That was actually his reasoning for getting a hyper active dog that’s already been turned in twice, because Zoe isn’t really his dog anymore. That was HIS damn fault, nobody else. HE chose to ignore her. She’s barely ever allowed in his room because his girlfriend gets jealous. When he gets back from work he just walks right past her even though she greets him, goes into his room and closes the door. He also has a cat, but he never pays any attention to her either.

I have two cats that have been living with me in my apartment for three years. I take care of them. I keep to their feeding schedule, I clean their litter, I play with them and get forced to lay on the couch for hours at a time because they want to take a nap on me. I’m more than willing to do take care of my puppy. I’m ready to train him to be well behaved, to walk him as much as need be since Aussie’s are an energetic breed, to clean up after him, and when I get a job to pay for what he needs.

Funny thing about him. He’s pretty smart I guess, because he’s only had to accidents inside and usually goes to the door and whimpers when he needs to go to the bathroom. But I heard from my mom that the first night he followed Zoe into my brother’s room and peed and shit in there. Good, he didn’t need to be in there anyway. It’s only a matter of time until my brother and his girlfriend get sick of the dog, but they won’t be pawning it off on my parents, or so my mother says. My dad gave them 30 days to either get rid of the dog or move out. I don’t think he should have the right to say that because he’s been unemployed for ages and isn’t paying for anything in the house, but I’ve been saying they need to move out. Supposedly she moved in there because (not sure if I mentioned this before?) her mother disowned her for moving into a dorm for college, and then she couldn’t stay at the dorm because her roommate wasn’t there very often and she couldn’t sleep in there by herself. But she’s been on speaking terms with her mother for awhile, at least since Thanksgiving, so I don’t see why they don’t move over there. She can deal with their shit.

Seriously though, fuck him. I laugh. My father’s pride and joy when we were growing up while he treated me like complete shit. Well, look at us now, all grown up. What have I accomplished in the past year? I’ve lost 30 pounds, and am about to graduate from college and hopefully get a good paying job in my field. What has he done? Dropped out of community college, got promoted at his fast food job only to be demoted again, moved his girlfriend into his tiny room at my parents’ house, gained about 20 pounds and gotten more tattoos (he said he was going to stop at a half sleeve because they can’t show at work, but he just got one on his forearm) and bigger gauges, and because of that he’ll be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of his life. He lives without thinking about consequences, and as a result his car, which my parents have been telling him for MONTHS needs to be fixed, is going to give out at any time, and my family said they’re done helping him out. We’ll see about that.

See, they should have let me send him to prison for stealing and committing identity fraud. It would have been easier on everyone, but they’re suffering. I wish they would figure out I tend to be right. Except with my March Madness bracket. Damn West region really fucked me up, and I did not see FGCU going that far. I can’t wait until CBB starts again. I might go to see a Mercury game this summer though, with Brittney Griner they’re going to be ridiculous.

Told them so
Posted by Amber in Family on April 17th, 2013

I don’t know if I’ve ever explained any of this, so before I go into what should be a really short post, I’ll give some background info. For TLDR, skip the huge paragraph.


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